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Work with Phoebe

Growth Coaching 1:1

Have you reached the point in your journey  where you’re asking if there's more to the
Christian life than what you're experiencing now?


There is more.

As your growth coach, I will facilitate the Holy Spirit’s tailor-made program for your
spiritual growth so you can :


  • Hear when God is speaking to you for yourself and others around you

  • Re-orient your life with Him at the center

  • Adjust your beliefs, character and actions to God and His ways

  • Recognize the direction He's leading

  • Know what you need to do in response to what God wants to do

  • Experience God accomplishing through you what only He can do

  • Develop your spiritual gifts and walk in a lifestyle led by the Holy Spirit

Begin the mysterious process of divine 
transformation with me as your growth coach.


God’s path is the best possible life for you


Why should I pay for ministry? Shouldn't this be free?

How is coaching different from discipleship, counseling, spiritual direction, pastoring and mentoring?

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