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Want to walk in the abundant and fruitful life God has for you? 

Are you ready to experience
more of what God has for you?

Your identity secure

Your gifts developed

Led by the Holy Spirit

Reigning in Life


Hi, I'm Phoebe.

I help Christians flourish spiritually so they can walk out the fruitful and fulfilling life that God has planned uniquely for them, as they build the kingdom of God in the world.

Are you going to church but not growing?

Have you been wandering in the wilderness
asking God where you are?


Most Christians live their christian life without any discernable growth or change.

God has a tailor made plan for your spiritual growth.

He desires for all of his Christian to grow into mature strong believers who reflect his goodness and glory.

Let me help you grow into all that God wants you to be
through my coaching program.


Take the next step towards
your spiritual growth.

Schedule a


Thrive on God’s unique path for you.
Grow into all he created you to be.

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